Other species, also, have been wrested from their habitats. Vina's 'Petting Zoo,' she calls it, since each inmate can be stroked. Perhaps not coddled. Some are rather fierce. Yon cobra, 

for example,  must be handled with the utmost caution. One false move, it strikes. Both fangs are needle sharp, injecting venom deftly, twin syringes that deliver such a wallop few survive. What's more, it spits. Were she less competent, her guru/dad would never let her keep it. But, to learn about a hazard helps to minimize its risk, since snakes are found throughout the Isles of Indonesian.

Magnified immensely by her laze-electron microscope,

Vina's specimen 
tells its 
She records them 
in her log. 
As she suspected, 
split a cell 
each half 

Distort it... 

confuse its orientation... 

and its