That was when? A month or more ago. Today is different, in that Dede is confused by Vina's spectrographic scalp, its shade an oddball ultraviolet, at the moment, indistinguishable from the lights of her terrarium, wherein Vina's head is lodged as she subjects a scaly occupant to a thorough-looking-over.

Much enlarged, a bulbous eye she studies seems ferocious - as does Vina's to the reptile. It returns her pointblank stare, as if unflustered by such calculated scrutiny.

Tame, or leastwise docile, the iguana bears inspection a la pokes and prods and pestering in pursuit of who knows what; a human's end is seldom clear, if often troublesome.

Vina's motive ping-pongs from benevolent to self-serving, as the magnifying glass she wields pans left to right, homes in, detects an insect so minute its host is doubtlessly unmindful, though aware a pair of tweezers looms to groom its crusty skin, the bug removed - thus redirecting Vina's interest.