An 'atrocity' puts a hitch in her enthusiasm, pronto, like a fart that interrupts polite conversation.

Atrocities are acts or situations, sometimes artifacts, that are utterly revolting. They inflict a sense of dread...

 ...or, in the present instance, spur a spate of rhyming:


on the veranda
not a panda
but an object
stands 'twixt Poppie and Bi Mun
a crude cartoon
a sawed-off runt
attired in shorts and grubby T-shirt
filthy thongs and sideways baseball cap
the bill
about to spill
a blob of snot-like

Who would have 'thunk'
a wanna-be hunk
could sprout from such a lowly toadstool?

Vina is sarcastic, having met this lad before. He is Bi Mun's adopted grandson - sometimes-visitor, always-pest - whom hospitality dictates must be entertained.


Besides obnoxious (Hamid loudly burps), uncouth (he eats his boogers), and retarded (he is twelve years old with a mental age of six), the terms barbaric, smelly, clumsy, inarticulate, well-describe him (he speaks gibberish, for the most part, knocks things down, exudes a stink, and, with his mouth wide open, masticates food like cud). Otherwise his company is insipid, tiresome, tedious, hence a bore-of-a-chore that those, with taste, avoid.

Vina has no option - though the boy is not her equal; she could make him jump through hoops, were rules of class and rank in force. But Dr. Windmollen, despite his special status as Belanda (Dutch) and his marriage to a Radén Ayu (royal Javanese), insists that daughter act as would have mother; generous, patient, kindly, with the left hand unaware of the right giving alms.

The tack
to take
with Hamid apt
to cause the least disruption
is to mount an expedition
casting him as burden's beast
a horse or cow
or human buffalo
depending on the distance
his insistence he is stronger
a 'prolonger' of his toil

To boil his brain
(or spoil what smarts he claims)
would serve
were fun the issue

More importantly
is to steer him clear
of entry to
The Lab
for once admitted,
he would likely launch
a rampage of destruction
bent on wrecking months of work
in one