Hamid, grown proficient at dispatching lepitoptera, leaves a trail of them (in states of disassembly) well-defined, 

along with footprints sunken deeply on his trudge across the riverbed - Vina riding piggyback to avoid the muck and mire - both tracks resuming, on the opposite bank, hers dry, his caked with sediment, each proceeding, then, full circle, to the kampung.


"Ta ta, Hamid. Au revoir. Vaarwel. Arrivederci," Vina's cavalier dismissal miffs her guest, as she appends, "It's been a pleasure, past all measure, to have undergone your amity. A calamity, in the truest sense, could not have taxed me more."

To which the barefoot boy responds with his predictable befuddlement. Such vocabulary leaves him at a loss, nonplussed, confused, yet nonetheless eager to be spared what clearly is abuse.

Dede intervenes, however, seething with frustration at the blatant disregard his ward has recklessly displayed. Convinced some punishment is due, the Bugis cocks his thumb and finger to deliver...


...a righteous tweak to Vina's right-side ear - which sends her minion into spasms of hilarity.

"Don't you DARE guffaw at me, you minus-marbles moron," Vina aims her wrath at Hamid; in the blender, he will churn, bones ground to chum which she shall use to feed her fishes.

Short of that, a lethal look scares Hamid into silence.

Dede, likewise cowed, reverts to humble sentinel.