"Is she aware?"

"I don't know. I was going to say something but…"


"I didn't want to interrupt their class."

"How did that go, by the way?"

"Well, being watched, of course he behaved himself where Marcy was concerned. He was rude to me, though."

"Don't take that too personally. He's rude to everyone. How about Marcy?"

"I guess she's learning. From what I could see, he's awfully demanding."

"So he is teaching her the game."


"And enjoying it himself?"

"I wouldn't know. His back was to me most of the time so I couldn't tell."

"He didn't include you in any way?"

"'Include me'? He did everything he could to exclude me. I had to sit all by myself on the opposite side of the room and watch them both pretend I wasn't there."

"How unpleasant for you. I'm sorry. If you'd like, perhaps I could find somebody else."

"No, Sister, thank you. I'll just remember to take along a book next time, or some paperwork."

Sister Zoe glanced at her watch.

"Marcy is between classes now. Would you mind asking her to come and see me?"

"What about her hair? Should I say anything?"

"Why don't you wait until I've talked with her."

"Yes, Sister."

The nun excused herself and left.



Marcy, however, was nowhere to be found. Sister Dana checked her room, the rec. hall, the cafeteria, the library, the chapel, checked with all of Marcy's tutors. Nobody had seen her after Julian—who claimed she had left his room at three o'clock. The nun began to worry. By dinnertime, and still no Marcy, she was frantic. Even Sister Zoe expressed concern. Julian was asked again if anything had happened to upset the girl. He had answered with a terse and uncommunicative "No."



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