Wednesday, November 12th, at 6:15 in the P.M. I’m going home! Everything has happened. I talked to both my parents on the phone. I was so happy I cried. They did, too. They said they loved me and that was all that counted.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow. That’s when they’ll be here. Tomorrow! Everyone is very pleased, even Sister Dana. I thought she’d maybe make it hard for me to say goodbye but she’s been wonderful. So has Sister Zoe. I’ll miss them. I’ll miss everybody.

I’m all packed. There’s nothing more to do. I’ve given out my presents even. Except for Julian’s. That part’s sad. He’s gone. His mother came and got him. I was watching from my window as they drove away.

I hit him. I feel terrible when I think about it. He made me remember. I don’t know how, exactly. It was all a little strange. He had these nightmares and I was in them, and I had daydreams that he was in, too. How he got there with me, or I got there with him, I don’t think I could tell. But he’s the one who made it clear to me just who it is I am, though he was nasty about it like he always is when he thinks that someone likes him. And now he’s gone. I’ll never be able to thank him or tell him that I’m sorry. After Benjamin, Julian’s the best friend I ever had. And I didn’t even know it.

This will be the last page of my journal. I’m keeping it along with some drawings and with Sister Dana’s Bible and Julian’s chess set, which he left for me with Sister Zoe. I’m going to remember this place, and especially Julian, for always. For always never ends or dies.




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