Unlike most novels that lend credibility to their plots and characters by inventing plausible people in believable situations, The Scarecrow's Daughter depicts actual individuals caught up in real-life events. This has caused some controversy and potential liability. Crimes of a serious nature are herein recounted, for which perpetrators have been neither prosecuted nor punished. Whereas journalists are accorded certain protections against revealing their sources, novelists, when they claim "based on a true story," are evidently less insulated. The FBI, ICE, and DHS especially, each expressed an interest in the following work, and one of these organizations went so far as to interrogate the author. In deference to law enforcement, no specifics have been described regarding explosive devices or types of detonation. This omission was made cooperatively. Less cooperation (i.e. none) was extended in the area of identities. Names throughout this book, of course, are fabrications.

Information also has been withheld about the text's Arabic and Turkish translator, who asked to remain anonymous (thus un-credited). Personal safety was cited. This raises another troubling issue. Islam and the Holy Qur'n figure heavily in this account, both structurally and content-wise. Chapters are titled (often facetiously) to mirror Al Qur'n's114 Sûrahs. The heroine's subtexts are likewise numbered, reflecting Qur'nic form. This will no doubt incense many Muslims, particularly those who have yet to develop 21st century tolerance for any perceived irreverence toward 6th century mores. From death threats leveled against Salman Rushdie for daring to write about Islam farcically, to fanatical reactions against Danish cartoonists lampooning the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims have acted with abominable narrow-mindedness and have shown precious little sign of social evolution. Not that theirs is a monopoly on bloodthirsty humorlessness; Christians, Hindus, and Jews (to cite but a few) have been known to throw similar tantrums.

That said,

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.