History is as much comprised of events that did not happen as it is of those that did.

It is a fact, for instance, that Flight 405 from Istanbul to New York / New York to San Francisco, took off, landed / took off, landed without a hitch. It is also a fact that Flight 405 might not have touched down safely, due to any number of unforeseen circumstances: engine failure, mid-air collision, quirks of weather, pilot error. To speculate serves no purpose; it is hard to prove the negative. Yet one contingency far less hypothetical might be entertained were it known that Zahra Rahnavard was one of Flight 405's two hundred and sixteen passengers.

This is proof, then, of the negative, neither a fantasy nor a fiction but rather a faithful recapitulation of events as they transpired because of one in particular that failed to occur... occasioning those that did... as told from multiple viewpoints of the characters most involved.