"On the day when hidden thoughts shall be searched out."


Synchronized breathing—hers with his and his with hers—forge one continuum that enhances their impression of camaraderie—albeit tentative, neither he nor she secure about sentiments shared.

1. What is this feeling if not love?

2. No; love takes time. And trust takes longer.

3. Do I want him?

4. I have put suchlike aside. Wherever cravings interfere with ones submission, best suppress them. Allah only is deserving of ones constancy. constancy.

5. Yet, I yearn.

6. Are not the pleasures found in this world paltry copies in the next?

7. Or is "the Garden beneath which rivers flow" a heaven-sent similitude, meaning bliss is here and now for those whose souls are free of sin.

8. And what is sin, if not this young man's body... mine... our sweat commingling? Is this hum that overwhelms my senses prurient or sublime?

9. I feel renewed within his warm embrace, restored, complete, though anxious.

10. I am fearful of his manhood. Or I was.

11. Has something changed?

12. He demonstrates knowledge of the female form that perhaps is less than wholesome but seems tempered now by patience—mine grown less with his grown more.

13. It is my wish, however base, that we might couple.