"And multiplied iniquity therein?"


One by one the men in line take turns, mount up, grunt / groan / ejaculate, then abandon the blindfolded woman lying supine, legs-arms pinned, spread out on a block of excavated marble, once an altar, now a slab, on which the wounds from commandeered loins weep gore and ill-spent semen.

He rapes last who staged the bestial crime, devised its violations, demands now she be turned, lain prone, her nose and cheekbone flat, her buttocks hoisted, pried apart by thumbs intent on abject malice, for the worst humiliation yet in store.

Disdaining her vagina, Ahmed wrestles off his drawers, aligns his phallus with her puckered anus, thrusts, takes hold her hair, rips off the blindfold—muscles twitching, as he humps and pumps, convulsing, as he spits the word "TAHOUTI" (AGENT OF SATAN) in her face, dropped then onto the slab in mortified disgrace.