Sûrah C
"And the secrets of the beasts are made known."


their position—she in front, Franchone inducted from behind—evoking memories cloaked since childhood during trips to the family farm where diverse livestock taught the her A, B, Cs of reproduction—blameless in its simpleminded urgency, unselfconscious; would that humans, Zahra muses in the throes of copulation, could unite without the guilt of Nafse Lawwama.

Franchone throbs. Averse to spreading or contracting viral microbes ordinarily, he has risked his health and Zahra's; unprotected, they combine, and though endeavoring to refrain from undue friction—he keeps still—the peristalsis underway inside his partner's plush environs demands a level of control he may be hard-pressed to maintain if it persists, eggs on...