Stuyvesant Fink
alias Stuyvesant Wolffmüller
alias Remington Falk
Genetic Engineer

(Rockefeller Fink)
(Imaginary Identical Twin of Stuyvesant)




Juliana Blumenthal
aka Juliana Wolffmüller
Wife of Stuyvesant


Rockefeller (Wolffmüller) Falk
Son of Juliana& Stuyvesant

*clone of Stuyvesant*


Samuel (Wolffmüller) Blumenthal
Son of Juliana& Stuyvesant
*clone of Stuyvesant*

Joanna Meerschaum
Fiancée of Rockefeller Falk


Yvette Nguyen
Primary Egg Donor
*whose stem cells generate skin samples + clones*


Alexandra Albright
Brain-Dead Surrogate Mother
*impregnated with clone of Yvette Nguyen’s genetically-altered clone resulting in Nana (Nguyen) Wolffmüller's virgin birth*


Nana (Nguyen) Wolffmüller
(alias Jeanne Claude)
Clone of Yvette Nguyen
SRY genetically altered*

Suzette Nguyen
(New Zealand)
Clone of Yvette Nguyen
*lobotomized replica from original stem cells at MIT*


Dad (Chauncey) O’Rourke
Private Investigator

Sheik Hadithah
Uncle of The Prince

The Prince
Nephew of Sheik Hadithah