With subjects under surveillance (every corner of the compound scrutinized by Security, and, occasionally, by their Host) Nana's choosing to defer Hermione’s yen for her and hers for the strung-up Negress is generously rewarded... by The Prince Himself, upon arrival, coming to call on His paramours, proposing extempore a carnal two on one.

Careful to ensure no physical harm befalls their plaything, Nana and The Prince adjust the rope-wrought sling, revising its complex rigging to afford unfettered access (Hermione's mute submissiveness construed as by-your-leave) the better to engage in acts that outside rationales might deem "unnatural."


Hours of this entertainment having passed, Nana now returns to her introspective journal.


What I recollect before my birth, of course, is nothing, yet, when memory fails, imagination sometimes can perform a sort of “virtual” reminiscence. Mine begins with a needle—ouch—that poked, injected 'me' into 'I' a la 'my' into 'self,'  two distinctive halves—'he'  plus 'she'—combined in a singular whole, XY / XX bonded via the Sex-determining Region on my Y chromosome, engineering a hybrid—a gargoyle in the eyes of most—with a name designed to match my double duty gender.

Conceived by 'whom' (?) I aim to learn—this private query's purpose—through regression from a newborn to a zygote to a multiplying cell, a path that ordinarily would lead to ones parents. "Wolff" is short for "wolffian" as in ducts required for boy-ness, whereas "müller" stands for "müllerian"—ducts required for girl-ness. The issue "ovaries versus testicles," at a fetal human’s outset, is decided by week six or so; before then 'we' have both. What happens next to would-be males in the womb depends on chromosome Y. What happens next to would-be females in the womb rests upon their X chromosome, their pair of Xs, normally. I am XX, tests confirm. So how account for traits unique to chromosome Y?




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