"We really use the same aftershave?"

"Same deodorant, same mouthwash, same toothpaste. What shampoo is in your rucksack?"

"Vidal Sassoon."

"Thatís Rockefeller's brand, all right."

"No shit!"

The drive to Carson City, Nevada, for Sam, is a string of revelations, Joanna filling him in on his brotherís traits and quirks, the parallels uncanny, the implications creepy; tendencies of his, in his sibling, are reportedly more pronounced; tendencies of his sibling (as Joanna relates them) are repressed by Sam concertedlyóthe clip she played, sent by Rockefeller, of their fatherís renegade lab, fanning sparks into embers, which might, in turn, fuel flames, were he confronted likewise with incarnate aberrations:

  • bizarre, no question;

  • grotesque, without a doubt;

  • immoral, indisputably;

but one of which so kindled Sam's libido he could hardly look away, mesmerized by the beauty of Joís purported rival.