hough mentioned off and on throughout this profane text, My character—if the term applies at all to one ordained Divine—has been woefully unto Infinitely misconstrued. Typical. Mortal minds are limited, their most grievous limitation an uncanny inability to see those very limitations. That aside, methinks it time to impose a modicum of Supervision, and redirect this narrative to ensure My Will be done.

A tool unused is a purpose unfulfilled like a job undone. Alexander Obadiah Pierpont is a tool, as is his nurse. Together they comprise a microcosmic suchness, one example—from among a veritable myriad—of human beings in State. Not a state of Grace, per se. State, in their case, harkens to existence in the realm of an Earthly Garden. Matter-of-factly put, "Arizona" will suffice. Why choose them as opposed to any others? Why choose any others, one might equally inquire, as opposed to them? Whether famous or anonymous, insignificant or important, wealthy or impoverished, ignorant or bright, be ye talented, mediocre, clumsy, agile, healthy, sickly, handicapped, gifted, witty, tedious, apt to play the fool or wise, EVERYONE shares their being-in-the-world in much the selfsame fashion. One of you is all of you. A pair rounds out the sample—My selection made to hold a mirror so the blind see...might understand...perhaps intuit; there are many ways of gleaning that occur without instruction, that impress, eventuate, dawn; one thinks of whimsy, hunches, telepathy—all indubitable phenomenaunreliable, insofar as their conclusiveness rests on chanceyet sometimes accurate, hence as convincing as insights bred of Science. Insights bred of Spirit plumb truths dreamt as well as real—failing, in most instances, to tell the two apart, relying on Beliefwhich rashly disregards opinions to the contrary. Yet that which is not proved and cannot be disproved stays Faith's province. All else, albeit grudgingly, bows to Rationality.

Will Reason, over time, explain the Inexplicable? That I leave for readers to determine once completing this..."parable" I remember calling it, conceived to illustrate principles not so much sacred as profound, their yin-and-yang-ness a composite of righteousness versus sin—'secularly' speaking; mistake not words from Me as grounds for Halleluiah. Doctrine transcribes Faith into rules the religious meekly follow; whereas they who believeth in Me can save Hosannas for mascots,  flag-bearers, and celebrities.

On to Mister Pierpont, his voluptuous attendant, and those to whom their memories fitfully refer—supporting cast  reduced to an expurgated minimum.