Bugaboo passe with Victor's commitment to keeping assertions "profane" to himself, the scope of his intellect circumvents scrutiny, ducks under cover of normalcy. Veiled, his smarts go unnoticed through much of his tutelage (lessons at home taught to keep his mind fed), amassing a database coded in enzymes for ease of transmission once sperm and egg wed (that subsequent offshoots might prosper).

Hormones abundant
- pubescent -
exhibits unorthodox yens
- yin and yang -
attraction to Otherness/yearning for Sameness
at odds and united
a pleasurable pang induced upon contact with girls/boys
bosoms and balls a coequal delight
vaginas and phalluses
spurring encounters with females precocious
and males quick to fight if tempted overtly
hence Victor woos subtly
relying on sixth-sense appraisals to choose
seducing the virile
the buff
the effeminate
luring the ladies with comparable schmooze
to sample a medley of sex-charms.