Growth happens, too, but the key is selection:
what trait will blossom?     what whither?     what change?
mutation the process by which Victor alters
becomes unlike us
unlike me
unlike you
a freak, if we choose to view difference with enmity
hating, distrusting what strays from the norm—
a wonder, if seen through eyes open to novelty;
                         Victor InVitro has talent
                         conforms not to models outdated
                         and destined to copy
                         the flaws of their forebears.
His genome is new!
                         "Ought to be idolized"—"Ought to be booed"
Debate about what should be done to
or for him:
     the misfit
     the hero
     the outcast
     the champ
will rage soon enough with the onset of puberty

(courting a sinister censorship prior
the symptoms of excellence early-on evident:
walking at infancy
counting at two
conversing with adults at age three in languages
none can explain how the toddler acquired).