"Superior" aptly describing his aptitude
envy the upshot
derision the toll
exacted by those who feel threatened when privy
to instances citing uncanny rapport
with animals firstly;
Saint Francis might marvel
at insects and fishes and birds, beasts galore
responding to Victor as if he were Adam
in Biblical Eden
admired and adored
endowed with unparalleled empathy.

          Secondly, children commune with InVitro
before they can babble, say "gaga", or blare that
their diapers need changing
through cries, sobs, and whimpers,
enchanted by him whose intuitive flair
deciphers their tantrums
interprets their grins
and fathoms their dreams telepathically.

          Thirdly, confiding in Victor comes easily,
telling him falsehoods impossible.
Lie? Why, the thought may occur
the intent cross minds fleetingly.
Face to face contact, however, inspires
an inkling for honesty, truthfulness, candour
an itch to confess wrong/resolve to do right despite
risk of embarrassment
conflict of interest
or charges of blatant hypocrisy.