Most of which goes to show "V-V" is dangerous;
such gifts are ominous,
bode less than well

if flaunted
made use of unwisely;
a pipsqueak-philosopher undergoes Hell
when the public in general resents his intelligence,
questions his acumen,
him to "shut up or else"
as was told to young Victor
the day that he let slip this axiom—quote:

"That which cannot be proved", Victor contended when one of his classmates expressed faith in God, "can only" he said with implacable logic "be believed" then proceeded to proffer his point, "while that which can only" he stressed "be believed" as his second-grade classmates looked on shocked and awed, "can never" he reasoned, intending no insult, "be known" he concluded, the OBVIOUS shown to Teacher, a preacher aghast at such blasphemy, then to the principal equally prone to expressions of outrage when myth meets its maker, when fairytales lapse, when reality dawns, and the secular trumps superstition.